Grim Fandango


(c) 1998 Lucas Arts


Komplett deutsch

IBM PC CD-ROM € 12,99



Eines der besten Adventures, wenn nicht sogar Spiele, aller Zeiten.


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Grim Fandango has been included in several publishers' "Top Games" lists well after its release. GameSpot inducted the game into their "Greatest Games of All Time" in 2003 citing, "Ask just about anyone who has played Grim Fandango, and he or she will agree that it's one of the greatest games of all time."[49] GameSpy also added the game to their Hall of Fame in 2004,[50] further describing it as the seventh "Most Underrated Game of All Time" as of 2003.[51] AdventureGamers listed Grim Fandango as the seventh "Top Adventure Game of All Time" in 2004.[52] In 2007, IGN included the game in the "Top 25 PC Games" (as 15th)[53] and "Top 100 Games of All Time" (at 36th), citing that "LucasArts' second-to-last stab at the classic adventure genre may very well be the most original and brilliant one ever made."[54] Grim Fandango remained as the 20th in the Top 25 PC Games in IGN's 2009 list.[55]