Pro Sieben Mystery


Sehr umfangreiches Spiel auf 5 CD-ROMs mit Handbuch und Lösungsheft. Komplett in deutsch.


Teil 1 der Pro Sieben Mystery Reihe.


IBM PC CD-ROM € 7,99


From beginning to end, Obsidian is an entertaining, surreal romp. Playing the game, it's obvious that a hell of a lot of work went into detailing the animation and scenery. I was waiting for the game to run out of ideas, but in the end, Obsidian is a seemingly infinite procession of bizarre chambers, each with increasingly challenging puzzles (the title boasts some 60 hours of playtime). If anything, Obsidian piqued my interest in games of Myst ilk. And that's saying something for me, a gamer whose main gaming interests include bombing Russian compounds and unloading a carpenter's-memory worth of nails into an unfortunate multiplayer opponent.